Solids Control
Mud Desilter for Different Applications


Desilter Types Desilter Discription

GNWS Desilter

Type: Desilter without downstream drying shale shaker
Model: GNWSE-12N / GNWSE-16N Desilter
Application: For oil gas drilling un-weighted drilling mud.
Features: Small footprint, economic choice, no consumable screens.
Result: Wet cuttings, not recommended for Weighted mud and drying solids.

752 Desilter

Type: Desilter with GNZS752 Series Mini Shale Shaker Screen Area:1.35㎡
Model: GNZJ752E-8N / GNZJ752E-12N Desilter
Application: For oil gas drilling small drilling rig , CBM drilling, HDD, Water Well drilling.
Features: Small footprint, economic choice, acceptable drying solids.

703 Desilter

Type: Desilter with GNZS703 Series 3 Panel Shale Shaker Screen Area:2.6㎡
Model:GNZJ703E-D8N/ GNZJ703E-D12N/ GNZJ703E-16N Desilter
Application: For oil gas drilling big drilling rig , large HDD rig, Tunneling Boring Machine etc.
Features: Big capacity,, drying solids.



GN Mud Desilter Technical Parameters


Model GNZJ752E-8N/12N GNZJ703E-D8N/D12N GNZJ703E-16N GNWSE-12N/16N
Capacity 120m3/h(528GPM) / 240m3/h(1056GPM) 360m3/h(1584GPM) 240/360m3/h
Desilter Size 4 Inch
Desilter Qty 8/12pcs 16pcs 12/16pcs
Working Pressure 0.25~0.4Mpa
Feeding Size 6 Inch
Output Size 8 Inch
Bottom Shale Shaker Specs
Shaker Model GNZS752E GNZS703E N/A
Vibration Mode Linear Motion
Vibration Motor 2×0.75Kw 2×1.72Kw
Angle Adjust Motor N/A N/A
Screen Qty 2pcs 3pcs
Screen Size: L×W 750×900mm 700×1250mm
Screen Area 1.35m2 2.63m2
Adjust G Force ≤7.1G ≤7.5G
Vibration Amplitude 3.92~5.62 4.14~5.96
Deck Angle Range +2° -1°~+5° (adjustable)
EX Standard ExdIIBt4 / IEC EX/ ATEX
Weight (Kg) 1057/1097 1846/1886 2016 504/539
Dimension (mm) 1674×1707×1719 2419×2113×1608 2419×2113×2126 2193×900×1511


GN Mud Desilter Features & Benefits


 The GN 4 Inch desilter is used as the 3rd stage of solids control for drilling mud, which make separations between 15 and 25 microns.
 ● 100% Polyurethane(PU) Material for desilter cones with longer using life
 ● Clamp type for easy maintenance
 ● Compact design with small footprint.
 ● Flexible fast connection are available for user friendly assembly.
 ● Shutoff stainless steel ball valves available for option on each cone inlet permit individual cone removal and inspection without interrupting operation of the desilter
● Tangentially blended into the cone entry as a narrow rectangle to minimizes turbulence in the upper section of the cone, allowing the solids to move quickly to the cone wall.