Solids Control
GN Desilter without bottom shaker GN Desilter with bottom shaker


  • Mud Storage Tank
  • Mud Mixing Tank
  • Drilling Mud Trip Tank
  • Drilling Mud Recycling Tank


GN Mud Tank Features & Benefits


 GN can design and manufacture mud tank, water tank and oil tank of both vertical and horizontal type according to API & ISO standard. GN usually use the corrugated wall to make the side wall stronger. The normal horizontal mud tank are usually three runner oilfield design with skid for easy movement. GN normally will fix ISO Standard Container port for easy lifting on the tank Top. Walkways, Stairs, and Manholes are covered with galvanized gratings. The steel GN firstly do sand blast treatment, and painting & coating we use Japan Kansai Brand Epoxy zinc rich for prime, thickness 75 μ, epoxy medium twice, thickness 250 μ, polyurethane finish paint twice, thickness 70 μ for outside tank. And 2 layers as above for inside tank.