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Bored Pile & TBM Desander Unit

Bored Pile and Tunnel Boring Machine projects are popular around the world. To reduce the operation cost and protect the environment, GN Desander Unit will do the job.

Bored piles are cast in place cylindrical piles excavated either by use of rotary equipment operated augers , buckets, under static drilling fluid or large drill bit (for hard rock) with reverse circulation. The reason to use desander unit is that Bored piles installed in common soil with the presence of water table, generally require the use of a short temporary steel casing and a drilling fluid as static suspension to provide support to the surrounding soil while excavating the pile and until complete backfill of the pile excavation with concrete, in order to prevent cave-in of the excavation and destabilizing the surrounding soil formation.GN Bored Pile desander is to separate the sands from the drilling fluids and recycling the drilling fluids for use.

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We have series product for our standardized desander unit, the D series is economy configuration, and the G series is high configuration. The D series desander unit is available for mud recycling function, but without the storage and mud mixing function .It needs to match mud storage and mud mixing devices to make a complete system. And the G series mud recycling system is a self contained system with the function for mud cleaning, mud storage and mud mixing. Moreover the G Series mud cleaning capability is bigger the G series. The G series product is made for top level projects.

D Series Desander Unit Models:

  • GNMS-200D  Capacity: 200GPM,50m³/h
  • GNMS-500D  Capacity: 500GPM,120m³/h
  • GNMS-1000D Capacity: 1000GPM,240m³/h
  • Other models should be customized.

D Series Desander Unit Main Applications:

  • Bored Pile Project
  • Micro TBM (Tunnel Boring Machine)
  • Trenchless HDD Project
  • Diamond drilling, water well drilling etc.


GN Economy Mud Recycling Unit Features


As economic configuration mud recycling unit , but combining the storage tank and mud mixing hoppers, the system can be configured to be used in the trenchless projects.

Normal Layout For Trenchless Project with GN Desander Unit.

  1. Mud Pit
  2. Submersible Slurry Pump
  3. Mud Recycling System
  4. Storage Tank
  5. Outlet Pipe
  6. Jet Mud Mixer

GN Bored Pile and TBM  Desander  Unit Working Videos

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