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Drilling Mud Dewatering System

For limited and zero discharged closed loop system, the GN dewatering unit is a very important unit to keep the mud clean and reduce the drilling waste which has to be sent for treatment and disposal.Drilling Mud Dewatering System provides a process of chemically enhanced configuration to remove the fine solids less than 5 microns from the water based drilling fluids.

As it known that only the solids upper that 5 microns can be removed by solids control equipments, for colloidal-size particles which is less than 5 microns will build up in the drilling mud system. To maintain the drilling mud properties, the operators have to dilute the drilling fluids with water, this consumes more water and create more drilling waste.

Process of the Drilling Mud Dewatering Unit



1) A 3 Tank Automatic Flocculant Mixing Unit prepare the polymer or other chemical fluids.

2) A Slurry pump take the original mud feed to the decanter centrifuge.

3) A chemical pump take the chemical mixing fluids also feed to the centrifuge.

4) The chemical and mud mixing inside the feeding tube of the decanter centrifuge.

5) The Decanter centrifuge cleaning the solids from the mud.

20 FT Containerized Drilling Mud Dewatering Unit

The GN 20 Ft containerized dewatering unit can be transported as a standard 20 ft container The system includes all the standard dewatering components .GN also have the dewatering decanter centrifuge available can be mounted on a separate telescoping skid or on the drilling mud tank.

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Dewatering Unit with Decanter Centrifuge

One Flocculant Dosing Unit with One GN Decanter Centrifuge in a 40 Foot/20 Foot Container.This drilling mud dewatering system allows client to treat drilling mud to clean water for discharge or reuse.

Videos of the Mud Dewatering Unit Operation

Dewatering Unit Working Videos