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Drilling Cuttings Drying Equipment for West Africa Customer
2014-10-05 22:46:07

GN Solids Control just arranged the shipment for one batch drilling cuttings drying equipment to the customer coming from West Africa. This is a repeated order from this customer after using of GN’s equipment. As requested by the environment protection regulations, all the drilling cuttings need to be further treated after the primary solids control system to maximum recover drilling fluids and reduce the waste discharge, which takes a great request on the drilling cuttings drying equipment.

The equipment ordered this time from the customer is listed as below:

1 units GNCD930 Verti G dryer with speed up to 900 RPM and G force up to 420 centrifugal G force.
3 units GNLW363 series 3200RPM high speed decanter centrifuge with duplex stainless steel material on rotation bowl and screw propeller protected by tungsten carbide tiles.
4 units screw pumps with capacity of 30 cubic meters per hour to be used for feeding drilling fluids to decanter centrifuge and pressure washing for the Verti G dryer.GN’s Verti G dryer is equipped with washing pump to transfer the high pressure clean water to flush the screen and inner wall of the Verti G dryer to prevent the screen block and cuttings accumulation.

Generally, GN drilling cuttings drying equipment is used to treat the cuttings discharged from the primary shaker and mud cleaner. Transferred by the screw conveyor or a hose pump, the discharged cuttings would be fed to the Verti G dryer to recover most of the liquid, thus the solid cuttings would become dry enough for transportation. The liquid would be, by the screw pump, transferred to the decanter centrifuge for very fine solids separation. Sometimes, between the Verti G dryer and decanter centrifuge, the operator would use a High G force dryer shaker with very fine screen to treat the drilling fluids firstly.

GN’s drilling cuttings drying equipment have been sold to Africa countries like Egypt, Libya, Algeria, and Nigeria. The performance is proved good. Welcome your RFQ on the drilling cuttings drying equipment.