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Full Line of Solids Control Equipment Application Showed at GN CIPPE Booth
2015-03-31 07:13:38

In the just past Beijing CIPPE 2015, many domestic and international visitor came to GN booth and showed great interests on GN equipment. As a leading manufacturer and supplier of solids control equipment, GN could provide the machinery to all industries where the solids control equipment would be needed. By keeping the own design, constantly developing, GN is more and more paid attention by the customer from the drilling company, mud service contractor as well as the environmental protection corporation and organization.

Primary drilling Fluids Solids Control Equipment: Shale Shaker & Mud Cleaner

GNZS594E-HB shale shaker is a model of simple structure with 4-panel screens which are interchangeable with Mongoose original screen. That is really amazing matter so that the client could by the shaker from GN and fix with Mongoose screen or use GN’s screen on Mongoose Shker.

By assembling the de-sander and de-silter cone frame on the shale shaker, the mud cleaner could be got. It is 3 in 1 machinery which could separate the solids in drilling mud down to 15 microns. It is easy for maintenance by using the same model under shaker in the mud cleaner if the client also bought the shaker from GN.


Drilling Waste Cuttings Disposal Package

GN showed at CIPPE 1 unit complete package of drilling waste cuttings drying system which is including the vertical cuttings dryer and high speed decanter centrifuge. This model is GNCM40-B with catching tank beneath the centrifuge which is easy for clean liquid storage. This package also has the feeding pump system could transfer the slurry to the dryer and centrifuge. The control panel of the dryer and centrifuge are both PLC smart visual control which is much more acceptable for the operator.


GNCD730A is the new development of GN on waste cuttings dryer. This model avoids the big volume of previous unit which is not available to put in a limited location or small capacity requirement. This time, all the members of GN decanter centrifuge family was shown there. The 9” is an excellent unit for core drilling. 14” is the most popular one that could be used for both traditional solids control berite recovery, fine solids separation and the waste cutting drying system. The bigger unit of 18” and 22” with larger capacity are ideal choices for dewatering application.


GN has also shown there 1 unit compact design de-sanding unit for piling project and micro tunneling drilling. The above unit configuration listed as below:

1 unit double decks shaker with de-sander cone
1 unit centrifugal pump for feeding de-sander cone
1 unit mud tank beneath for mud storage

By connecting with bigger mud tank and mixing unit, this de-sanding would also be used in small trenchless drilling, water well drilling. The unit shown is 500 GPM capacity, GN also has 200 GPM and 1000 GPM available.


If you are interested, welcome to GN’s booth ARENA 9225-2 and 6137 at OTC 2015, Houston. We will show the cuttings dryer and decanter centrifuge there. For more information, please feel free to contact with us.