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GN’s Cuttings Dryer Shown on OTC 2015
2015-05-10 13:01:01

On the just pasted OTC 2015, GN solids control showed the drilling waste cuttings dryer unit. Most visitors came to GN’s booth to learn this machine and talked with GN team for potential business cooperation in near future. GN solids control is the first one China based API certified solids control and waste cuttings management equipment manufacturer who has brought cuttings dryer unit to The States.


This time, GN set up 2 booths at the OTC and showed there main equipment for solids control and drilling waste cuttings management.

1. GNCD930D Drilling Waste Cuttings Dryer for both WBM & OBM GNCD930 D version cuttings dryer unit can be control by both fixed speed and VFD panel. The maximum speed is up to 1200 RMP with G force of 750. With air knife blowing and screen flushing system, GNCD930 can run without screen blinded and discharge port blocked for a long time, greatly reduce save time on maintenance and cleaning.


2. GNLW363C-VFD Decanter Centrifuge to recover more valuable drilling fluids GN’s C version decanter centrifuge is an upgraded model by making the slurry feeding direction same with solids discharge direction to prevent the solids stacking inside the screw propeller. The insert type ceramic ring protection for solids discharge port and slurry distribution ensure the long life time smooth running. At the speed of 3200 rpm, this GNLW363C centrifuge could remove the solids down to 2 microns.


The cuttings dryer unit and decanter centrifuge are the main equipment for GN's standard drilling cuttings drying system. Now, GN can provide complete cuttings drying system with cuttings delivery system, cuttings drying system, effluence catching tank and effluence further treating system. More for information on GN's skid mounted cuttings drying system please contact with GN sales team for a flyer.

3. For the primary solids control equipment, GN's shale shaker and mud cleaner was also shown at OTC. 4 panel screens with 29.4 square ft total area for mud recycling, by adjusting the vibration force to 8; GN’s 594 series shale shaker could be used as cuttings dryer shaker for WBM.

GN has already made the inventory for some regular equipment like shale shaker, mud cleaner and decanter centrifuge in Houston warehouse. And the spare part was also stocked there. For any request, please feel free to contact with us.