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GN Solids Control Show at GPS in Calgary Canada
2015-06-23 12:26:53

GN solids control firstly with the name of GN Solids America attended the GPS (Global Petroleum Show) hold in June 9-11 which is the largest oil and gas industrial show in Canada. GN’s big bowl decanter centrifuge GNLW553 -VFD was displayed there and caught much the visitors’ attentions.

Canada has a large market for the using of decanter centrifuge and there are also many manufacturers and suppliers of decanter centrifuge and other drilling fluids solids control equipments.

GN’s centrifuge get into this market based on below several features:

22 inch big bowl for larger treating capacity;
Rotating bowl is made of duplex stainless steel 2205 while other main body parts are stainless steel 316L;
Screw propeller is protected by tungsten carbide tiles over 4mm thickness, the carbide tiles are bolted to fasten and replacement is very easy.
Motor and control panel are CSA certified explosion proof which is acceptable for Canada market.

From technically, the unit of GNLW553-VFD is equivalent to Alfa Laval Lynx 40 which is one of the most popular models in the market.


GN Solids Control could also provide the centrifuge with bowl size of 14 inch, 18 inch and 9 inch for different working condition and industrial application. Just like this 22 inch unit, it could be used for normal drilling mud solids control system, drilling waste management system as well as the dewatering project.

GN’s 9 inch decanter centrifuge is widely used in diamond core drilling industrial. By now, more than 15 units GN’s 9 inch centrifuge model of GNLW223 already sent to Canada. With the working speed up to around 4000RPM, this unit can move out the solids with size down to 2 microns.


By connecting with the Vertical cuttings dryer and High G force dryer shaker, GN’s decanter centrifuge could be made to a standard system. Welcome to GN for more information on the decanter centrifuge unit.