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GN Solids Control - New Year 2016, New Expectation
2015-12-30 21:16:46

The year of 2015 is ending, and the New Year is just around the corner. Looking back the past one year, with the support from all the respectable clients, GN Solids Control went through lots of the difficulties like the market request shrink and the fierce competition. In the meanwhile, GN is keeping grow during this year, finally, we overcame all the surrounding difficulties and got a relative positive performance.

In the upcoming year of 2016, GN would consistently show her new style and features to all the clients. And GN is willing to join hands with all the friends to fight against the flagging oil business. As one of the member of drilling industry, GN has the responsibility to help all the friends going through this economic winter. On the other hand, GN would also appreciate all the kindness coming from all the friends. Here the friend would be GN’s clients, partners and suppliers, and even every GN person.

Thanks to the new developing products drilling waste cuttings management equipment, GN kept her position and market share in the industry of solids control. The past one year is a nightmare for primary solids control equipment like shale shaker. Lots of second hand and idle equipments poured out and occupied the market and then most of the drillers hold on their plans for new machinery purchasing. GN’s waste cuttings disposing equipment no doubt was a dark horse, suddenly it grabbed many eyes of the clients. It is also GN’s good production quality and better services convinced the clients.

The other thing is GN successfully provided the waste cuttings solidification unit to clients and the onsite performance proved good. GN was glad for clients choosing us.

Sincerely thanks to all the clients who ever did a deal with GN in 2015, it was your support and trust helped GN in this winter. GN has new expectation in the year of 2016, wish all GN’s friends could realize their dreams, and happiness always be with you.