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GN enlarge production capacity to meet the market demand
2016-03-25 15:42:29

GN Solids Control is enlarging the production capacity during 2016 to meet the arising market demand in the near future. Even the market demand is very down because of low oil price from last year, we have confidence that the oil price will come up and the solids control market will become prosperous very soon. As China leading brand, GN Solids Control is preparing for many big oil exhibition in the world and bring more new model product to serve the market better.

1) CIPPE 2016 Beijing Oil Show

CIPPE 2016 Beijing Oil Show is coming in 29 to 31, March 2016. The event will be held in New National Exhibition center. Our company location is very close to CIPPE location, only 50km far from there, and less than one hour driving time. Welcome clients from different countries come to our factory for visiting and we can also talk more details at CIPPE oil show.  We have 400 square meters area for the oil show and all our new model equipment will be shown there.

The equipment including: High G drying shaker, shale shaker, mud cleaner, 4 models of centrifuge ( baby centrifuge, 14inch centrifuge, 18inch centrifuge, 22inch centrifuge). Vertical cuttings dryer with high skid for drilling waste management, high quality screw conveyor, jet mud mixer etc.


2) OTC 2016 Houston oil show

OTC 2016 Houston oil show is coming in 2 to 5, May 2016. The event will be held in Houston, TX, USA. We have GN Solids America LLC running in Houston. We will transport equipment from our facility there to the exhibition center directly for fast service.

Decanter centrifuge and vertical cuttings dryer will be shown at the oil show. Welcome client visit our facility in Houston.

3) Moscow oil show in June

There is Moscow oil show in June. Welcome client in Russia or neighbor countries to visit the exhibition and talk more business with our sales people there. We will take the latest model decanter centrifuge and vertical cuttings dryer to give a outlook at the show. The client can have more information by checking the real equipment there.

Except for above exhibitions, we also have exhibition in Malaysia, Argentina, Brazil, Iran etc. Pls contact us if you need any support.