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GN mud system for high density HDD project
2016-04-08 18:26:13

GN Solids Control is leading original manufacturer for solids control and drilling mud system. Each year, we have about 20million dollars project, 70% project for overseas client and the rest for domestic project. Decanter centrifuge and vertical cuttings dryer is GN key equipment for the oil drilling market, and GN compact mud system is key equipment for HDD, water well drilling, diamond drilling, core drilling etc.

In HDD field, we have one VIP client - China biggest HDD contractor CPP. CPP is subsidiary company of CNPC, with lots of HDD project in China and neighbor countries. We build long term relationship with CPP over 5 years and CPP have bought over 30 sets compact mud system from us from then. This year, the client order another 3 phase of mud system for high density HDD project.


The 3 phase mud system including:

1) desander desilter mud tank

The first mud tank is equipped with one desander shaker unit and one desilter shaker unit. The dirty drilling mud will go to desander unit for first stage mud treatment. And then go to desilter unit for second stage mud treatment.  Two 55kw centrifugal pump is also equipped with the mud system for feeding the desander cones and desilter cones.

2) Centrifuge mud tank

The second mud tank is equipped with two sets middle speed decanter centrifuge GNLW452C, to remove solids particles about 5-7microns. The centrifuge bowl speed is variable with ABB frequency converter. The user can adjust the bowl speed from 0 to 1800rpm to fit for the mud conditions.

The mud system is with frame for fast assembly and disassembly. This 500gpm capacity mud system is the 4th sets which customized for CPP.

Except for compact mud system, GN Solids can also offer large mud system for oil drilling, etc. 1000hp rig mud system or 2000hp rig mud system. If you need any solids control equipment, pls contact us freely.