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Container type drilling waste management system to Russia
2016-05-21 21:45:43

China is close to Russia in geographical position and our company have base facility in Russia for sales and after sales service. GN Solids Control have support Russia market in the past 10 years and we build strong relationship with Russia reputable oil service company. Recently, we finish one order for Russia client, it is one set container type drilling waste management system. It is repeat orders in last year. The client accept the reasonable design for the Russia environmental operation.


The system including below items:

1)One 40ft container with padeye, prepared as per DNV lifting standard. We also customize windows, doors, up opening for feeding drilling cuttings and down opening for solids discharge in the container for easier operation and better protection.

2)One set vertical cuttings dryer, the vertical cuttings dryer is GN latest model cuttings dryer can handle the drilling cuttings at capacity 30 tons/hour. After treatment, the Oil on cuttings can keep below 3% to 5%. The liquid go to next stage treatment by high speed decanter centrifuge. GN Vertical cuttings dryer is equivalent and replacement for US brand vertical dryer.


3) One set high speed decanter centrifuge. The Decanter centrifuge separation points can be about 5-10microns. Centrifuge can separate much fine solids with high speed of bowl and reasonable differential speed between bowl speed and conveyor input speed. We match variable speed for easier operation. With PLC touch screen VFD control panel, the operator can adjust the bowl speed, differential speed and pump feeding speed at certain range.

4)Except for above main equipment, we also match screw pump for feeding centrifuges, screw conveyor for feeding vertical cuttings dryer, cutting skips for collection of drilling cuttings discharged from vertical cuttings dryer and centrifuge etc.

The drilling waste management system is effective way to treat and recycle the drilling cuttings discharged from the shaker, desander, desilter and centrifuge. This is the proven way in past several years and already applied in many land rigs or offshore rigs operation.