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GN Out door Physical training to refresh fighting capacity
2016-05-29 22:59:04

In order to achieve improve team productivity and competitiveness objectives, GN Solids Team just finish Out door physical training last week. It is a journey of relaxing, an experience of sharing and a Sublimation of Thought. Once again, we are full of energy to work hard and achieve better sales amount.


GN Solids Sales Team is a group of young man full of love to life, love to work and love to family. In order to make a better life, GN sales team with only about 15 people, can achieve over 10million US dollars sales amount. Definitely, except for person reason, the good sales results also depend on the perfect work platform, the training courses of GN management, proper reward and punishment system. This physical training is also can contribute to the end results in a certain degree.


In the past years, we beat international brand solids control supplier and win quite a few projects. Take some typical samples for your reference:

1) PDVSA big order for a batch of shakers, mud cleaners, high speed centrifuges.

PDVSA is much close to USA and have much more year’s business cooperation with USA brand solids control equipment. But in year of 2012 to 2013, the clients buy more than 1 million dollar solids control equipment from GN. Until now, we give continuously technical support to them.

2) Russia big client’s big order for 4 sets of drilling waste management system

In order to reduce production cost, the Russia big clients also come to China in 2014. After they checked different solids control supplier in China, they come back to GN and sit down to talk about the purchase process finally. Until now, the drilling waste management system is working well in rigsite. The client is trying to buy more.

3) Nigeria drilling company buy a batch of vertical cuttings dryer, centrifuges, screw pumps, screw conveyors from 2014 to now.

The Nigeria drilling company have 7 land rigs and need continuously solids control equipment support. Each year, we go to Nigeria many times to support the business there.