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GN Classical Model Decanter Centrifuge Shown at Iran Oil Show
2016-06-15 15:08:54

Iran Oil Show was held on May 5-8 in Tehran Iran this year. GN Solids Control brought the self designed classical model decanter centrifuge - GNLW363CG. As important oil show, all drilling companies, mud engineering service companies, oil service companies and oil field trading companies attend the show to know latest news in this field.


GNLW363CG Decanter Centrifuge already starts to serve the market since 2014. This model is improvement model of GNLW363AG and GNLW363BG. The stable working performance, longer lifetime and higher treating capacity give good reputation for this classical model centrifuge.

1. With 14” bowl diameter and 50’’ bowl length, the length / diameter ratio over 3; the drilling mud would stay inside the centrifuge screw auger for longer time, thus discharged solids can be much dryer, separation performance can be much better.

2. Designed operation maximum bowl speed can reach to 3200RPM, 2200RPM / 2700RPM also available. The client can use lower speed for high gravity solids separation; use higher bowl speed for low gravity solids separation.

3. Bowl material is produced by Duplex stainless steel 2205, this model material is much better than SS316L. The centrifugal casting technology applied for better dynamic balance performances, which guarantee the centrifuge working performance in high speed rotation. 

4. Same direction on slurry feeding and solids moving inside the bowl, speed up the flow rate inside the bowl. This design increase the treating capacity of the centrifuge, even when deal with heavy mud.


Except for GNLW363CG star model centrifuge, we also have another Vertical cuttings dryer with super working performance for drilling waste management. Because of the oil show higher cost, we only take the centrifuge there. Below chapter to give more information about GN vertical cuttings dryer


1. GN vertical cuttings dryer is to used on line / off line drilling waste management, mainly to treat the drilling cuttings discharged from shale shaker, to separate the solids and recycle the valuable oil based drilling mud for reuse

2. GN vertical cuttings dryer is mainly used for oil based mud drilling cuttings treatment. The oil on cuttings (OOC) can be reduced to 3% to 5% after GN vertical cuttings dryer. The discharged dry solids can be transported to thermal desorption unit for final treatment.  The clean drilling mud can be transfer to high speed decanter centrifuge to separate the fine solids, thus the mud density can be lower down which make it proper for reuse

3. If for water based mud drilling waste, we recommend fixation unit or solidification unit for final treatment.