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Tandem Shale Shaker exporting to Middle East Drilling Company
2016-06-30 11:58:53

Under the lower crude oil price, some drilling rigs are still working with much less budget. To meet the need of daily necessities and equipment, many drilling company consider buying more solids control equipment from China top manufacturer, reduce investment on US/Europe brand oilfield equipment. As China top solids control brand, we shake hands with quite a few international drilling companies and oil service companies in past 3 years. The high quality equipment wins good reputation and repeated purchase order for GN Solids Control.

Equipment in this order from Middle East Drilling Company, contains several sets tandem shale shaker, centrifugal pump, mud agitator, mud guns etc.

Tandem shale shaker is package by two or three shale shaker connected with bottom plate and mud distribution box. This type shaker is mostly used in oil drilling mud tank system, for deep drilling with large power drilling rigs. GNZS594 shale shaker is the most popular shaker model, with 4 panel shaker screen for better working efficiency. GNZS594 also have many other advantages, pls check from GN website of shale shaker.


GN Decanter Centrifuge is also very popular in overseas market. The drilling company generally chooses dual centrifuges system for one drilling rig operation. The dual centrifuge system including one set high speed centrifuge for lower gravity solids removal; one set lower speed or middle speed centrifuge for high gravity solids removal; screw pump for feeding the dual centrifuge will be also concluded, as well as telescopic high skid for installation.


Lots of drilling company doesn’t have their own centrifuge system as the higher purchase cost and daily operation cost, maintenance cost. The oil service company or mud service company have this rental business; they buy the centrifuges, provide oil service / mud service to drilling contractor, as well as solids control service including centrifuge service.

If you need some centrifuges, tandem shale shakers or other solids control equipment, pls contact with GN freely.