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One team One dream, GN Outstanding Staff Thailand Tour
2016-07-13 15:34:01

Every year, GN Solids Management evaluates the annual work of each staff based on contribution, value recognition and loyalty to the company. And will award the outstanding staff in proper approach, to award cars, go give big bonus, or to arrange tourism overseas. Recently, GN organized two group outstanding staff from Engineering and production department, and from Purchase dept and financial dept to Thailand and France for tourism.

GN believes the excellent employees are the core assets to the company. We take care of our employees, respect them, and offer them good salary and bonus. We know it's our outstanding employees who delivered the value to customers. The group to Thailand will enjoy a trip of one week tour in Thailand. The topic for this tour is “One team One Dream"


GN Equipment mainly includes three parts: Solids Control Equipment, Drilling Waste management equipment and shaker screens. With higher quality, good price, GN equipment has been exporting to overseas market since 9 years before, accepted by drilling companies, oil service companies, solids control service companies etc.

Solids Control Equipment is used to maintain the drilling fluids properties. Normally the equipment can be divided into 4 stages, including the first stage solids control with shale shaker, and secondary stage solids control with desander unit, and the third stage solids control with desilter unit, the fourth stage solids control with centrifuge. The separation point for the above four stages is 100microns, 50microns, 20microns and 5microns. Except for the mentioned four stage equipment, GN can also supply mud agitator, mud gun, centrifugal pump, screw pump, shear pump, mud tanks etc.

GN Drilling waste management equipment is specialized for the no pit drilling, with GN Solids Control products, operators is able to run the closed loop mud circulation system to reduce the cost for drilling waste handling. GN Drilling Waste System is a package for the drilling rig to dry the OBM, SBM or WBM drilling cuttings and recycling the drilling fluids after cleaning by decanter centrifuge. The equipment include vertical cuttings dryer, High G dryer, solidification unit, screw conveyor, thermal desorption unit etc.

GN Shaker screen include most popular shaker screen model, eg. Replacement shaker screen for Mongoose shale shaker and mud cleaner Replacement shaker screen for Derrick shaker and mud cleaner Replacement shaker screen for NOV brandt king cobra shaker. Etc.