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120 m3 drilling mud mixing system for trenchless project
2016-08-19 14:33:00

Trenchless project is also called horizontal directional drilling project. Trenchless project is widely used in pipes project when need to go through roads, railways, buildings, river waters, as well as in downtown areas, protected areas, crops and vegetation protection areas. In Trenchless project, directional drilling rig, mud cleaning system, generator, trucks are necessary equipment.

GN Solids Control is professional manufacturer for mud cleaning system. We already work for the area about 10 years, having rich jobsite experience and premium solutions to support the user friendly operations of GN mud system. Recently, we got one purchase order from China domestic client who in need of 120 m3 drilling mud mixing system. After knowing the detail requirements of client, we provide the quotation with technical drawing. The client compare different proposal from different suppliers and make decision to buy from GN as the most cost-effective solution we can offer.


The mud mixing system including below parts:

1) Jet mud mixer: this is combination of mud mixer and centrifugal pump, building on one skid. This design is compact design for mixing unit. The client can connect the unit with mixing tank, and add chemicals in the hopper to complete the chemical mixing.

2) Mud tanks: One mud tanks is 60m3, and the client bought 2 sets to reach 120m3. The mud tanks is with three layer paintings.

  • First layer painting 50um, SD ZINC 500 (Zinc rich Heavy Duty epoxy primer)
  • Middle layer painting 100um,FERRODOR EPX-29 (Epoxy micaceous iron oxide intermediate)
  • Surface layer painting 80um, RETAN BTD (Polyurethane topcoat finishing)


a. Above painting process is used after sand blasting thorough. The real painting comsuption is 1.2 ~ 1.3 times to theoretical amount.

b. High pressure airless coating actual comsuption is 1.6-1.8 times of theoretical amount.

c. Steel structure surface should be completely cleaned out the surface of acid, alkali, salt, oil, etc..

d. Bottom material treatment method and degree: SA 2.5; Life time for anticorrosion is 10~15 years

e. Painting work should be done under ambient temperature: Above 5℃