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GN HG dryer and VFD centrifuge working for Nigeria client
2016-09-29 11:47:36

GN Solids Control has entered into Nigeria market from 2010. After 5 years accumulation, GN have stable client quantity in Nigeria and some of them are drilling company with stable procurements each year. Even, in the down time, we can receive inquiry and small orders from clients. Thanks for the clients who help GN survive in the cold time.

Recently, we have one old client need HG dryer and VFD centrifuge to work for water based mud drilling cuttings. They have their own dewatering unit, and give requirements as below:


After we have several times discussion, we provide the most popular model equipment which have been service clients for many years, with stable working performance.

  • 1) GNZS594EH-LD high G dryer is equivalent to Swaco Mongoose 4 panel shaker. The screen size is equivalent. The clients can buy the wear parts shaker screen from GN or from local market as per the convenient.
  • 2) GNLW363CG-VFD variable speed and high speed decanter centrifuge. The centrifuge can work at 0 to 3200RPM bowl speed, variable frequency controlled by PLC touch screen. This 14inch bowl size centrifuge is most popular for barite recovery in lower or middle speed; and also for cutting down mud weight at higher speed.

In 2015, we sell over 30 sets centrifuge to Africa market and service for over 10 sets oil drilling rigs. Up to now, the client is very happy with the 14inch bowl centrifuge working performance.

Except for above equipment, GN can provide complete line of solids control equipment, as well as drilling cuttings management equipment. GN vertical cuttings dryer, as the key equipment to treat the oil base mud drilling cuttings, have been proven to be very high effective in many drilling site from two years ago. If you need any support, pls contact us freely.