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1500gpm mud cleaning system to HongKong
2016-10-10 09:15:11

GN Solids Control just sent one set 1500gpm mud cleaning system to HongKong. Kongkong is good market for oil drilling, HDD drilling and CBM drilling etc. Stable client help GN to keep growing in the market.

Regarding the 1000gpm mud system, it contains three phase separation equipment, including 2 sets shale shaker and 1set mud cleaner. This mud system is specially used for HDD drilling.

1) shale shaker

GN offer 4 panel shale shaker with longer deck with better working performance. This model shaker is equivalent to Swaco Mongoose shaker or Derrick FLC504 shale shakers. The shaker have been working for oil drilling market over 3 years. Stable working efficiency and longer lifetime win good reputation for GN.


2) Mud cleaner

The mud cleaner is combination of shale shaker, desander cones and desilter cones. The 2 desander cones can reach 1000gpm mud system, and the 12ea desilter cones can reach 1000gpm capacity for desilter separation.

Mud cleaner working efficiency is much better than independent desander or desilter which may have overflow problems.

3) Centrifuge

This mud system is not equipped with centrifuge. But in some special conditions, the client need to use centrifuge to remove the very fine solids to keep the property of the drilling mud. GN can offer different model centrifuge for different application. For HDD project, the most popular centrifuge model is GNLW452C 18inch centrifuge. It is single motor driven centrifuge, with big bowl and big capacity.

Except the 18inch bowl centrifuge, we can also offer 9inch bowl centrifuge, 14inch bowl centrifuge, 22inch bowl centrifuge etc. The 14inch bowl centrifuge is the most popular model which can be used as fixed speed centrifuge and VFD centrifuge. GNLW363CG centrifuge (14inch) is equivalent to Derrick DE1000 centrifuge or Swaco 518 centrifuge.

Vertical cuttings dryer is also very important for drilling waste management. This equipment is used on oil drilling field.