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GN is going to complete the 2000HP oil drilling rig mud system for export
2016-10-16 15:40:56

Recently, GN is going to complete the 2000hp oil drilling rig mud system for exporting. This is complete mud recycling system with 4 stages treatment, from shale shaker, desander, desilter to decanter centrifuge.

1) First stage treatment

Shale shaker works as first stage treatment solids control equipment, play important role in the drilling fluids system. The shale shaker is with 4 panel screens, longer shaker deck and better working performance. Another, the shaker screen size is equivalent to Swaco Mongoose shaker. The clients from overseas can source the screen from GN or local Swaco office which is more convenient to them.


2) Second & third stage treatment

The desander and desilter is combined with Mud cleaner, which is three in one unit, much smaller footprint and better performance because of the down stream shaker. As it is 2000hp rig, about 1500gpm capacity of treatment, the mud cleaner is with 3ea desander cones and 16ea desilter cones.

3) Fourth stage treatment

The decanter centrifuge is very important for the mud system, to recover barite and also cut down mud weight. Generally, clients need 2 sets decanter centrifuge for one rig mud system. One centrifuge for use, one centrifuge for backup. Variable speed centrifuge is better to work for different work condition. But the price is higher than fixed speed centrifuge. As per the jobsite need, the client can also match one set variable speed centrifuge and one set fixed speed centrifuge, to have better working efficiency with VFD centrifuge and have better price with fixed speed centrifuge.

4) There are 14tanks totally, including shale shaker tanks, mud recycling tanks, mud storage tanks, fuel tanks, and so on.

Each tank is equipped with mud agitators and mud guns to suspend the drilling mud during operation, to keep the property of the drilling mud.

Except for the complete line of solids control system, GN can also provide more products to you.