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GN Successfully attend 20th International No Dig Technology Conference
2016-10-20 10:56:30

Last week, GN Successfully attends 20th International No Dig Technology Conference in National Agricultural Exhibition Center, Beijing. There are many professional equipment manufacturers there, eg. HDD rig manufacture, drill bits manufacturer and mud recycling system manufacture. GN is leading brand and win lots of clients’ visiting.


This time, we show the economic mud system GNMS-500D and mini centrifuge GNLW223 in the HDD show.

GNMS-500D is compact design mud system including one shale shaker, 1ea desander cone and catch tank, feeding pump, electrical panel system etc. It can help to separate the big solids in mud system, recycle the valuable drilling mud for reuse. Generally, one submersible pump or centrifugal pump is necessary to feed the mud system.

GNLW223 mini centrifuge is 9inch bowl centrifuge, which can be used for mining, HDD, waste water treatment etc. The mini centrifuge can reach to 3800RPM bowl speed maximum and can separate solids around 2-5microns.


For large HDD project with large drilling rig, large mud system is necessary. The most popular mud system is 500gpm mud system with shale shakers, mud cleaners and about 6meter mud tanks.

1) Most common shale shaker is GNZS703 shale shaker, with 3 panel, treating capacity can reach to 500gpm

2) Mud cleaner GNZJ703-1S12N. The mud cleaner is combination of deck shale shaker, desander cone and desilter cones. The three in one unit can work good can separate solids about 25microns and generally this will meet the drilling requirements.

3) In some special conditions, decanter centrifuge is required to separate much fine solids to get better clean drilling mud. CPP is China largest HDD contractor and have 4 sets GNLW452 decanter centrifuge from us. This is 18inch decanter centrifuge with about 1800RPM bowl speed to separate the about 5-8micrions solids. This centrifuge is single variable speed (bowl speed variable) centrifuge which controlled by ABB frequency transducer.

HDD mud system equipment may take 30% of GN sales business. Our main products are for oil drilling rig mud systems and solids control equipment, drilling waste management equipment for oil drilling.