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GN Tank Cleaning system for Africa client
2016-12-01 10:55:09

GN Solids Control is China leading manufacture for solids control and drilling waste management equipment. Our equipment can be used for tank cleaning as well. Recently, we have one client from Africa, requiring tank cleaning system for offshore drilling platform.  After the client visited GN factory, had meeting with GN engineers, we finally provide satisfactory proposal.


The tank cleaning system is skid mounted compact system which can be used for offshore drilling rig / onshore drilling rig. The cleaning system including below items:

1) Centrifugal pump with 30m3/h. The pump is used to transfer the clean water from tank cleaning system to high pressure cleaning gun.

2) High pressure cleaning gun. This gun is outsourcing from Europe brand. The client can also bought it themselves.

3) Strainer: Filter for coarse solids with 2mm solids particles, to protect pump and desilter and decrease the wearness of the pumps.

4) Nemo pump: This pump is used to transfer the dirty mud to feed desilter cyclones, remove the fine solids, and the clean part overflow to inclined plate clarifier.

5) Desilter, desilter with 6ea 3inch desilter cyclones. Separate fine solids from dirty water

6) Inclined plate clarifer, separate the settable solids.

7) Nemo pump, this pump will transfer the slurry from inclined plate clarifier to skips.

After inclined plate clarifier, the clean water go back to buffer tank for reuse. And the dirty slurry is collected by skips.

For some offshore platform restrictions, the tank cleaning system size 6058 X 2438 X 2792 maybe still bigger than acceptable operation square. We are developing another more compact size tank cleaning system especially for offshore.

As China leading brand, we committed ourselves to meet the reasonable requirements from clients. More and more new product will be also launched to meet the non-stop changing needs from market.