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GN Solids mini centrifuge for diamond drilling
2016-12-16 10:47:59

GN Solids Control has various model decanter centrifuges for different industry application. Per the bow size, we have 9inch bowl centrifuge, 14inch bowl centrifuge, 18inch bowl centrifuge, 22inch bowl centrifuge and 30inch bowl centrifuge.

We will give more introductions of smallest centrifuge – 9inch centrifuge and biggest centrifuge- 30inch centrifuge in this chapter.


1) 9inch bowl centrifuge

9 inch bowl centrifuge is also called mini centrifuge. The centrifuge is mainly used for diamond drilling, waste water treatment, and other slurry treatment.

The GN Mini GNLW223 Series Centrifuge is specially designed for small capacity, small foot print , fine solids separation. It is designed to meet the drilling fluids recycling for mining drilling rigs especially for diamond drilling.

The diamond drilling contract can choose to buy single centrifuge unit with electric drive fixed speed or VFD drive variable speed or even the Fully Hydraulic Drive. For the FHD drive Centrifuge, it can use the diesel engine to power the hydraulic pump to feed to the centrifuge without any electric. GN also has the completed tank system with Mini Shaker for option.

2) 30inch bowl centrifuge

GNLW764A Decanter centrifuge is specially designed for TBM Slurry dewatering. The 30inch big bowl with high ration of bowl length and diameter up to 4.4, and the G force is up to 3000 G. These features allow the centrifuge to handle high volume slurry and discharged clean water for TBM project. GN Solids Control also provide chemical dosing system for polymer mixing to enhance the performance for the dewatering by centrifuge.

For now, the most popular centrifuge is GNLW363 14inch centrifuge for oil drilling application. The centrifuge can be fixed speed model or variable speed model for option, lower speed or high speed available. GN Solids have export over hundreds of 14inch model centrifuge to overseas market.

If you are interested with any model centrifuge or other solids control equipment, pls contact GN freely.