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3500bbl Mud tank system for oil drilling
2016-12-28 13:37:02

Mud tank system perform the important function to recycle the drilling mud, and it need to be replaced each 3-5 years if the mud system is always working for all years. GN is China leading company to produce mud tank system, to serve oil & gas drilling, horizontal directional drilling, water well drilling etc.

We recently have mud tank system inquiry for 3500bbl; will be used for 2000hp oil rigs.  The tank system including below item:

1) Dual shaker tank

The first tank is named as dual shaker tank, including two sets shale shaker, 1set mud cleaner.

We equipped with GNZS594 series 4 panel shale shaker to remove the big solids, working as first stage separation.  This model shaker is equivalent to Swaco Mongoose shaker; the shaker screen is composite material pretensioned flat screen, same size as Swaco Mongoose screen.

Mud cleaner is combination of GNZS594 shaker & 2ea desander cyclones & 12ea desilter cyclones. The treating capacity can reach up to 1000gpm.  The mud cleaner is feeding by centrifugal pump

2) Centrifuge tank

The second tank is named as centrifuge, including 2 sets decanter centrifuge, and other auxiliary items, like mud agitators, mud guns etc.

The centrifuge is used to remove the fine solids about 2-5microns. This will be performed after first mud tank separation, only some small particles need to be removed by centrifuge. If the first tank doesn’t perform well, large particles go through the centrifuge separation. The wearness of centrifuge will be faster, leading to higher maintenance cost on centrifuge.


3) Mixing tank and storage tank

The third tank is named as mixing tank, equipped with mud mixer hopper, mixing pump. This package will be designed at one end of mixing tank, to perform the chemical enhancement or barite weighting function.  Other part will be mounted with mud agitator/ mud gun for suspending the mud.

The fourth and fifth tank is names as storage tank. There are 2ea storage tank to give enough mud consumption.

If you need more information about solids control / mud tank system, pls contact GN freely.