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Drilling waste equipment for Beijing Client
2016-12-28 13:43:04

GN Solids Control is China leading brand for solids control & waste management equipment, also leading brand among international market. Recently, we just dispatch one set drilling waste equipment for Beijing client. They are domestic oil and mud service company, which provide surface to drilling company of SINOPEC, CNPC etc.


The drilling waste equipment including below items:

1) High G drying shaker

The system is used for water based mud treatment. And high G dryer will remove the big particles in the mud.

The High G drying shaker is GNZS594HGE-LD 4 panel shaker, longer shaker deck, better separation performance and reliable quality. Below are some advantages:

  • a. The shaker screen is same size as Swaco Mongoose shaker.
  • b. shaker screen locked by wedge, much convenient for screen replacement.
  • c. shaker deck is anti-corrosive stainless steel material, longer lifetime.
  • d. Heavy duty design and heat treatment for complete shaker deck to give adjustable Linear Motion G force up to 8.0 G to meet more application.

2) Flocculent unit

The middle part is flocculent unit, where the small particles can be coagulated into big particles, making it easier for next step separation.

3) Variable speed decanter centrifuge

After flocculent unit, the mud will be feed to decanter centrifuge via screw pump. The centrifuge is 14inch bowl size centrifuge which is much popular for oil drilling field application. We have two models for option, GNLW363CG fixed speed model and GNLW363CG-VFD variable speed model.

The client choose variable speed model centrifuge for flexible use. During operation, the user can set bowl speed around 2000RPM and check the separation performance meanwhile.  If the solids discharge is not dryer, the user can speed up the bowl speed and make it more dryer with less water. With proper operation speed, the centrifuge bowl and screw can have less wearness and longer lifetime.

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