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One container shaker screen exporting to US
2017-01-06 14:27:07

Shaker screen is very important wearing part for shale shaker. Good quality shaker screen not only give better performance on mud treatment, but also guarantee on the lifetime of shale shaker. Original shaker screens for Derrick shaker, Swaco shaker or Brandt shaker is good quality,  but the price is also very high, ranging from 300usd to 600usd each. Without doubt, the shaker screen consumption is big expense for the drilling contractors.

In order to offer equivalent shaker screen with good quality as the original brand, but price can be lower to help save cost, GN Solids do the research and build their own shaker screen production line. With the screen workshop, GN can control on the raw material quality, production process, and finished product quality control. After several years marketing test, GN Solids shaker screen can give almost same performance as the original screens, but the price is only one fifth of the original screen cost.  Thus, save much cost for the drilling contractor.


Recently, we just ship one container shaker screen to US. The clients in North America prefer stock screens and we have our warehouse and office there for stock.

What kind of shaker screen can GN offer:

1) Hook strip type screen

This shaker screen is hooked and fixed on the shaker unit. The hooks coming from deck walls hook the screen panels to tension the screen.

The popular hook strip screen model including:  Derrick FLC500/2000 pyramid screen/ flat screen, SWACO ALS screen etc.

2) Frame type screen

This is pretensioned screen by pressing the wire mesh onto the framework. The screen is fixed on the shaker by wedge blocks. GN mainly provide composite material screen and carbon steel screen for frame type, and the former type- composite material is more attractive as the good price and much longer lifetime.

Except for shaker screen, GN also have some centrifuges and shale shakers stock in Houston, US. Pls contact us freely if you need any support.