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Solids Control equipment ship to Russia, sever for 10sets oil rigs
2017-01-11 10:13:22

Russia client came to China end of last year, visiting several solids control companies to check the supplier comprehensive strength and select the best supplier. Similar to other big buyer, GN Solids is first station for the Russia client, as well as the last station. The client is very satisfied with GN hardware and software strength, and awards GN the contract finally.


The contract will be divided into 3 batches shipment to Russia and serve for 10sets oil rigs. The total package contract including:

1) GNZS593E-HB oil drilling shaker.

This is 3panel shaker, replacement to Swaco Mongoose. The screen size is same as Mongoose screen; screen material is composite material, which is better performance and longer lifetime.

If client need longer deck shaker, we can also offer GNZS594E-HB with 4 panel shaker screen.

2) GNLW363CG-VFD oil drilling mud centrifuge.

In terms of bowl size, treating capacity and working efficiency, this model decanter centrifuge is equivalent to Swaco 518 / Derrick DE1000. GN VFD control panel is 3 VFD, means VFD for main drive, VFD for back drive, and VFD for feeding pump. If the client only need 1 VFD or 2 VFD panel, GN can customize for client.

Ex proof is achieved by positive pressurized air from air compressor, and vortex hose in the panel make inside pressure bigger than outside. This can meet the safety regulations for Zone I or Zone II operation.

Another, GN can offer VFD panel with air conditioner (icy) which can be working fine even in very hot environment.

If you are familiar with fixed speed centrifuge, we recommend you GNLW363CG fixed speed for option. We can match one speed and offer two more speed pulley with belt for backup. The available bowl speed is 3200RPM/2700RPM/2200RPM.


3) Centrifugal type vacuum degasser

Centrifugal type vacuum degasser is similar function with the traditional vacuum degasser, but with smaller footprint and structure also different.

Thanks for reading.