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Happy New Year to Chinese Nation: Return, Reunite and celebration
2017-01-18 15:38:24

Chinese New Year is also called Spring Festival; it is the most important Festival for Chinese nation. Spring Festival means to see the New Year in and the old year out, family reunite, peace and good luck, collective celebration etc.


GN Solids Control will start the holiday from Jan 21st to Feb 3rd. During the time, we will stop manufacturing, stop office works, stop delivery etc. But, all sales people will be reachable at any time, in any ways. If you have urgent project, welcome to contact us for quotations or technical proposals.

What is the great achievement in the past 2016?

  • We successfully got the 5million US Dollar project from Middle East. This should be the largest order until now in solids control fields. Worth celebrating and memory, the project is going very great with GN Solids Control equipment.
  • We sold the first set oily sludge treatment system to Qatar. The client will use the system to treat the oily sludge from oil refinery.
  • We complete the design and elementary production for skid mounted and mobile type thermal desorption unit. The real product TDU will be launched to market in 2017 very soon.
  • We successfully start the normal production of shaker screen with the GN owned shaker screen production line. GN have over 5 sets production line for various model shaker screens.

What we can expect from GN in 2017?

  • Complete real product of Thermal Desorption Unit. We will finish the production in April, and will trial test before June. After successfully test result, GN will launch the TDU to market. Similar production capacity and performance, but much better price than US brand or European brand.
  • Optimize the process line of oily sludge treatment system, make it more user friendly for oily sludge treatment,including oily sludge from oil refinery, oil drilling, etc
  • Enrich the shaker screen production line, and promote more composite material replacement shaker screen, even for Derrick shakers.