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Centrifugal degasser VS vacuum degasser
2017-02-05 15:35:31

GN publishes one new product centrifugal degasser to meet high requirements from drilling client. Compared with centrifugal degasser & vacuum degasser, we can found below advantages:

  • Vertical type centrifugal degasser requires smaller space for installation.
  • GN centrifugal degasser no need vacuum pump, only one motor for the centrifugal degasser, thus energy consumption reduced.
  • The impeller in centrifugal degasser can work for agitating the drilling mud to avoid big solids settle down.



However, some client may still like the old model vacuum degasser with vacuum pump. We can offer both type for option to support on equipment bidder.

Centrifugal Degasser or vacuum degasser is only small part of GN equipment line. GN can offer complete line of solids control / drilling waste management equipment. And we are ready to attend China largest oil show in March 2017.

1) 14inch bowl centrifuge will be always in the show.

With top sales amount, stable working performance and good feedbacks, GNLW363 decanter centrifuge will be always get prepared in the show.

GNLW363 can work in middle speed to recover barite / remove big solids.

GNLW363 can work in high speed 3200RPM to remove fine solids

GNLW363 is equivalent to Swaco 518 14inch centrifuge / Derrick 1000 14inch centrifuge. The bowl size is almost same; treating capacity and separation performance almost same.

2) GNCD930 vertical cutting dryer will be always there.

GNCD930 is the key equipment to treat the OBM drilling cuttings. GN Verti-G dryer have been working in different region and get good feedbacks, we have clients from Russia, Africa, Middle East etc.

3) The most popular model shale shaker GNZS594 / GNZS593 will be shown there

GNZS594 /GNZS593 is GN shale shaker model, equivalent to Swaco Mongoose shaker. The shaker screen size is replacement, and we also use composite material shaker screen for longer lifetime and better performance.

If you are coming to CIPPE oil show, pls contact GN Solids Control freely. Our factory is very close to the show, we can drive you to GN factory for visiting before or after CIPPE.