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GN Centrifuge working for oil drilling, HDD drilling, mining, diamond drilling
2017-02-15 16:57:30

GN Solids Control is China & USA leading brand for solids control equipment. The solids control equipment or mud system can be used for oil drilling mud treatment, HDD drilling mud treatment, Tunneling boring project etc. As per the different requirement of different field project, the equipment or system will be also different. Take one product as example, decanter centrifuge.


1) Decanter Centrifuge for oil drilling application

Oil drilling normally use complete mud system with 1000bbl to 3000bbl mud tanks system, and generally require two sets of centrifuge. One centrifuge set in middle speed or lower speed to remove the big solids, or barite; the other one centrifuge set in high speed to separate the fine solids to lower down the mud weight.

GN most popular model centrifuge to this type application is 14inch centrifuge- GNLW363C series.  The centrifuge can be fixed speed control or variable speed control.  The client can decide the configuration as per the job requirement, budget and so on.

2) Decanter Centrifuge for HDD drilling application

Many smaller HDD project may no need mud system, most of the big project need mud system with shaker, deander, desilter.  Some project with geological structure will need decanter centrifuge to give better protection for the HDD rig. And generally one set middle speed centrifuge can meet the need.

We have many clients, buying 18inch middle speed centrifuge – GNLW452 from GN Solids Control. The middle speed centrifuge with 1800RPM bowl speed, can remove the solids efficiently after desilter, good performance and lower cost.

3) Decanter Centrifuge for diamond drilling or mining

Mini centrifuge with 3-6m3/h treating capacity is fine for mining / diamond drilling. Generally, it is used to treat the waste water, and separate the valuable mine or diamond in the waste water / waste liquid.

4) Big bowl centrifuge with 30inch bowl size and 132inch bowl length for Tunneling boring project.

In many project, there is very limited space for centrifuge but require big volume treatment centrifuge. And we can offer the big bowl centrifuge to give good solution. We will show the centrifuge in CIPPE 2017. Welcome your coming to visit GN and talk business with GN.