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GN Verti G dryer for Drilling waste management
2017-02-24 13:52:34

Vertical cuttings dryer, also called Verti G dryer is key equipment for drilling waste management. Dryer can pull off the oil based mud sticking on the big solids. After separation, the solids will be dryer and easier for next step treatment. Meanwhile, the recycled oil based mud can be put back to active mud tank for drilling operation.

One problem is that, if the recycled mud directly goes back to active mud tank, the heavy mud will give treatment pressure for the following solids control equipment. If the budget allow, we recommend clients to buy one high speed centrifuge after dryer to lower down the mud weight by separating the fine solids.


GN Solids Vertical dryer, is equivalent to Swaco dryers. And GN have fixed speed dryer and variable speed dryer for option. The clients can make choice according to the project request and budget acceptance. We normally offer one package for vertical dryer application, including telescopic skid for verti G, screw pump for feeding Verti G, screw conveyor for dryer discharge, screw conveyor for dryer feeding, cuttings box etc.

GN Vertical cuttings dryer project case study:

1) In year of 2015, Greatwall drilling company bought 4sets vertical cuttings dryer from GN Solids Control, and ship the dryer to Algeria. So far, the working performance is still satisfactory.

2) In year of 2016, GN partner EMEC bought one set dryer for Petrobel project in Egypt. The client compare the cost, and performance between High G dryer and vertical dryer. Conclusion is that the Vertical dryer is not expensive in long term, and will save much cost for drilling contractor on mud cost.

3) In year of 2014, Baker Hughes Russia branch bought 4 sets of drilling waste management system for Russia drilling company.

The drilling waste management system is package of

  • 1set vertical dryer
  • 1set decanter centrifuge
  • 1set screw pump for flushing the dryer
  • 1set slurry pump for feeding the centrifuge
  • 2sets screw conveyor for feeding the dryer
  • 1set skid to assembly the dryer, centrifuge, pump etc.