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GN mud tank system for overseas client
2017-03-16 15:31:18

GN mud system can be used for oil drilling / HDD/ CBM/ water well drilling etc. different project. The main function is to treat the drilling mud, recycle the usable drilling mud and reduce the waste mud volume. With good design, high quality and better sales price, GN mud system has been exporting to many clients in different countries.

1) GN mud system for mining project, South America client

This mud system is totally customized as per request from client. To reduce the power consumption as less as possible, the client refuse to use desander or desilter.  Because the centrifugal pump is necessary to feeding for the desander / desilter, and the pump motor will need more energy.

The tank system is only with one mini shaker GNZS752 and one mini centrifuge GNLW223. The shaker can remove the solids about 100microns particles; and the centrifuge can remove the +10microns.  There is also a space design to load the GEN SET.

As the client have used GN equipment before,  and we met many times before, the client bought two sets one time. We appreciate long term cooperation relationship with client, and will best support to old clients.


2) GN mud system for water well drilling, Middle East client

There are many areas in the world, lacking of drinking water. And some drilling company will open department specialized for water well drilling. We have one client in Kuwait, offering water well drilling project for KOC. The client have bought 4sets 500gpm mud system from GN. General mud system configuration as below:

1ea GNZS703 shale shaker, with composite material shaker screen, longer lifetime and better performance;

1ea GNZJ703-1S8N, mud cleaner with 10inch desander cyclones and desilter cyclones. This is three in one unit, compact design and good performance.

2ea centrifugal pump for feeding the desander / desilter; 1ea centrifugal pump for mixing hopper.

1ea mixing hopper

1ea mud tank to support above solids control equipment, as well as others, like mud agitator, mud gun etc.


GN can offer different capacity mud system, like 200gpm mud system, 500gpm mud system, 1000gpm mud system etc. Pls contact GN Solids Control freely.