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GN NEW product released at CIPPE oil show 2017
2017-03-24 09:15:10

CIPPE oil show is one of the biggest oil shows in the world, with similar reputation to OTC & ADIPEC. Many famous companies will attend the oil show from domestic, as well as international companies.  As China leading brand of solids control & drilling waste management manufacturer, GN is invited by CIPPE sponsor every year and GN will always be the shine company among Solids Control field.


NEW product released at CIPPE oil show

1) Big bowl decanter centrifuge

GNLW764A is big bowl big capacity decanter centrifuge, with 760mm bowl diameter and 3327mm bowl length. The treating capacity can reach up to 500gpm. The centrifuge is mainly designed for big project application, eg. Dredging slurry separation, tunnel boring mud cleaning, industry waste water treatment etc.

The first decanter centrifuge GNLW764A will be delivered to jobsite for test in High speed train project, and we will update the working report from the company.


2) FHD centrifuge

FHD centrifuge is also new member of GN centrifuge family. But the Hydraulic Scroll Drive System is ROTODIFF, with mature technology and stable working performance. They have rich experience in FHD drive system for decanter centrifuge, and GN has good cooperation with them.

3) Slurry vacuum Pump

Vacuum pump can be used to transfer the cuttings / slurry / sludge with solids content up to 80%. The vacuum pump needs to work with air source from screw compressor. When client want to use the pump for project, it is better to consider about the vacuum pump cost, air compressor cost, and hose etc.


4) GN Oily sludge treatment system & thermal desorption unit

If you have some project and need any above equipment, pls contact us freely. GN headquarter is based in suburb of Beijing, very close to Beijing International airport. And we also have two branch companies in Houston, US and Moscow, Russia.