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GN Soil Remediation Equipment sales to America
2017-04-09 15:54:44

GN Solids Control is China leading separation equipment brand; we are professional in solids/liquid separation, and also water / oil separation. The application field including oil drilling mud solids control,  HDD drilling mud system, Piling desanding plant, TBM machine, oily sludge treatment system etc.  From last year, we got more and more requirement to treat the oily sludge. Some sludge from crude oil tank cleaning, some sludge from refinery plant waste, some sludge from drilling waste.  One thing is for sure, oil sludge is a mixture consisted of oil water and solids; to treat the waste oil sludge and recovery oil and water, the oil, water and solids must be separated.

Last year, we deliver one batch of oily sludge treatment system to Middle East. The client have two plant to treat the oily sludge from Refinery, recover the oil and send it back to refinery. The system is working fine for the ongoing project. Recently, we got another project from America for soil remediation; the client just inspected the equipment in GN facility before dispatch.


The soil remediation equipment including 4 modules roughly:

1) Premixing and heating system

This part contains intermediary tank with submersible slurry pump, and mud agitator. Mix the oily sludge and heat the sludge before treatment.

2) Sludge separation by HG dryer & centrifuge

The sludge will be transfer to HG dryer for first stage separation. Then, go to High speed decanter centrifuge for next stage separation.


3) Flocculent unit for chemical enhancement

After treatment of decanter centrifuge, the liquid parts will be pass to flocculent unit where chemical will coagulate the smaller particles in the liquid, and make it bigger for easier separation in next system.

4) Three phase separation system.

This system will contains oil/water separator, buffer tank for oil, buffer tank for water, oil pump, water pump etc.  All of items will be put into one skid for easy movement.

More details, pls contact GN Solids Control.