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GN HG dryer & vertical dryer for drilling waste management
2017-04-13 11:42:02

Drilling waste management is necessary to reduce the waste disposal, recover the valuable oil based mud or water based mud. According to the test amylase, total cost can save by HG dryer or vertical dryer in drilling operation.


HG dryer is normally used for water base mud treatment. The high G force can remove as more as mud from the solids particles, discharge dry solids, and return back the clean water based mud. We recommend HG dryer with catch tank downside, to collect the clean water based mud drop down, and transfer pump will be used to transfer the mud back to active mud system. We can use screw pump as the transfer pump, and put it on the same skid with shaker catch tank.


The HG dryer is also widely used for oily sludge treatment, but need smaller improvement with heating water spry, and protection cover.


Vertical cuttings dryer is normally applied for oil based mud treatment. The high G force generated by centrifugal force from dryer rotor unit, can remove the oil from the solids. Discharge solids are much dryer than HG dryer treatment.  The vertical dryer can also be used for treat the waste water from coal cleaning, and treat the waste water from agriculture or farming.


After treatment of Vertical dryer, the clean oil based mud will flow to intermediary tank by gravity. Here, the gravity of mud is higher because of large quantity of fine solids inside. The user can put one high speed decanter centrifuge after the vertical dryer, to separate the fine solids. Then, the clean mud from centrifuge can flow back to active mud tank system by gravity.


We are attending OTC oil show in first week of May. The most popular model decanter centrifuge GNLW363 will be taken there. The centrifuge can reach up to 3200RPM, with VFD control panel. The back drive speed and pump speed can also be adjusted by the VFD control panel.  If you want to know more, welcome you come to OTC.