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Shale shaker & mixer unit shipping to India Drilling Company
2017-05-26 11:24:59

Shale shaker is the first stage mud treatment in solids control system. GN Solids Control shale shaker, with many advantages and patent, have been accepted by many drilling companies and mud service company from the global market.  About two months ago, we got one big order from drilling company in India. The client bought 6sets shale shaker to replace the old shakers with over 5 years lifetime; also bought some mixer unit at same time.

1) Shale shaker with 3panel composite material screen

We always improve the design of shale shaker, and correct the mistake found during working time or test time. Now, the shale shaker model has been upgrade to 5th generation. With below advantages:

  • Italy OLI brand or US martin brand vibration motor, longer lifetime and reliable quality
  • Pretensioned composite material shaker screen, with qualified conductance and better non blanked area, to increase the mud treating capacity. 
  • Shaker screen change by Gear unit, much save manpower.
  • Heavy duty design and heat treatment for shaker basket, to get adjustable G force up to 8.0G
  • Shaker bed is made from stainless steel to have anti-corrosion features for longer lifetime


2) Mixer unit

We can offer mixer unit in different type, including:

  • Mixer hopper only
  • 1ea Mixer hopper with 1ea centrifugal pump & electrical control panel, installed on one base plate, we call it jet mud mixer.
  • 2ea Mixer hopper with 2ea centrifugal pump & 2ea control panel, installed on one metal pallet, we call it double jet mud mixer.

We can also customize mixing unit per client’s request.


3) Decanter centrifuge

Decanter centrifuge is the core equipment of GN Solids; we have successfully case study to offer big batch centrifuge to oil drilling companies, mud service companies or oil service companies. The most popular model centrifuge is the 14inch bowl centrifuge – GNLW363,  which is the equivalent model to Derrick DE1000 or equivalent centrifuge model to Swaco 518. The stable working performance and less maintenance win the trust from many clients.