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GN High G dryer for drilling waste management
2017-06-03 11:59:26

High G dryer and vertical cuttings dryer are important equipment for drilling waste management. The main function is to remove the water based mud or oil based mud from the cuttings, make the drilling cuttings/solids as dry as possible. The working principal is different. The High G dryer treat the drilling mud by vibration from vibration motor, and shaker screen. Big solids cannot get through the screen mesh cloth, and find fine with mud will go through it. Thus, the discharged solids can be more dry. The Vertical cuttings dryer is used high speed centrifugal force, the fine solids with liquid will be throw out the screen basket, and the big solids will be blocked inside and drop down to discharge auger.


High G dryer is normally used for water based mud treatment, and oil base mud is normally used for oil based mud treatment. The spare parts of High G dryer is shaker screen, and the spare parts of Vertical cutting dryer is screen basket. The High G dryer with bigger treating capacity about 120m3/h, the vertical cuttings dryer with treating capacity about 30-50tons/h.

GN High G dryer popular model is GNZS594, equivalent model to Swaco Mongoose shaker. We match composite material shaker screen for it, with much longer working lifetime and better separation performance. GN vertical cuttings dryer popular model is GNCD903, equivalent model to SWACO dryer or CSI dryer. We have upgrade the dryer from 1st generation to 5th generation, overcome all the bug in past working experience.

After treatment of High G dryer or vertical cuttings dryer, the decanter centrifuge will be needed in following treatment. The decanter centrifuge can run up to 3200RPM bowl speed to separate the fine solids from the drilling mud, thus to decrease the working pressure of decanter centrifuge for solids control mud system. Pls get more information from GN Solids Control website.