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A flood of shale shaker ready delivery to Russia
2017-06-09 09:55:42

As China &USA leading brand for solids control equipment, GN Solids partnership with Russia professional solids control service company. The cooperation wins lots of big projects for both of us. Recently, GN has a flood of shale shaker ready delivery to Russia.

The shale shaker model selected by Russia partner is GNZS594E-HB shaker. This shaker with 4 panel composite material shaker screen, can give reliable mud separation performance, longer lifetime. The client has used this model shaker for many different project in Russia, trust on it. The client is confident to get repeated good job with this shaker.


Main advantages of GN 4 panel shale shaker:

  • Longer shaker deck, much dryer separation
  • Composite material shaker screen, longer life and good separation performance
  • Pretensioned flat screen with wedge installation, changing screen will be easier and faster.
  • Shaker bottom made from stainless steel with longer lifetime, and anti-corrosive, much better than carbon steel
  • GN 4 panel shaker is equivalent/replacement to SWACO Mongoose shaker. For client willing to replace all Mongoose shaker to GN shaker, we can offer customized design to have same installation position.
  • GN also have different shaker model for different industry application, including 2 panel mini shaker for diamond drilling/mining, 3 panel middle size shaker for water well drilling/HDD/CBM etc.

Except for above mentioned advantages, pls you contact GN Solids for more information if you are interested with GN shale shakers.

Shaker screen is very important during shaker working. Good shaker screen with reasonable cloth match, better conductance and bigger non blanked area will give bigger treating capacity, as well as good separation performance.  Sometimes, the client found the shaker is easy to run mud, leading loss of valuable mud. This may because of the not working well screen. Eg. The screen don’t have good conductance; the non blanked area is smaller etc.  GN Solids with over 5 shaker screen production line, is much more professional in manufacturing screens, including: Replacement screens for Derrick shaker / Swaco shaker/ Brandt shaker etc.