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Large quantity of slurry pump & centrifugal pump exporting to Russia
2017-06-19 10:42:23

GN slurry pump and centrifugal pump is widely used in drilling mud system operation. The slurry pump needs to be installed vertically in mud pit or mud tank; the centrifugal pump is normally installed horizontally in mud tank. The pump function is used to transfer the drilling fluids from one partition to another.

1) 10 sets submersible slurry pump exporting to Russia

GN Solids Partnership with local strong client from middle of last year, and the sales amount in Russia market get rapid growth from the cooperation. We supply high quality equipment, good payment terms, and the local client do the marketing locally. We work together and share the benefit. Just this month, we deliver 10sets premium shale shaker, as well as 10sets submersible slurry pumps.


Main advantages of GN submersible pumps:

Submersible slurry pump shell with no bearings, no seal, and the greater medium of solid particles is also accepted.

The submersible length can be normally 800mm to 2000mm, or customized as per clients’ request.

Vertical pump structure of single stage and single suction, much easier for operation and maintenance.

2) Large quantity of centrifugal pump

Centrifugal pump is widely used in oil drilling or HDD drilling operation. The main application including:

Feeding to desander cyclones or desilter cyclones

Working as trip pump, installed besides trip tank. When adding the drilling pipe, the trip pump can supply mud to wellpit directly.

Working as mud pump, in some small drilling rig, the centrifugal pump can also work as mud pump, to transfer the mud from mud tank system to wellpit.

Main features of GN centrifugal pump:

GN centrifugal pump mechanical seal pump

The pump casing and pump impeller is produced by spheroidal graphite cast iron; much better than gray cast iron.

GN centrifugal pump is completely replacement to Mission pump in all spare parts.