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Repeated order of Waste Management System to US
2017-10-08 22:21:30
Spending lots of time to investigage the existing system, then optimised it, then repeat the order. This is probably the most healthy cycle. That is what we were doing in this project. The client collect any kind of waste mud, from anywhere, mostly from construction projects. 
With some site arrangement, when the truck comes, and dump to the pit, then it will picked up by a coarse shaker, with sieve screens, separate the big particles. Then fluids been pumped to the GN modular shaker, then hydraucyclones, then centrifuge; a very similar principle, and very customized solution, excactly what needed.
When running the equipment, client take the contaminated soil with other trash into GN’s separation equipment in turn, after treated by all the equipment, the trash would be removed, soli would be washed clean for reusing in landfill job or selling for construction material. 
In this system, one of the main equipment is the big bowl decanter centrifuge, in Forth stage separation --- Decanter centrifuge with dosing system module could remove the ultra fine solids in the washing slurry. To find a proper volume ratio between slurry and flocculation chemicals is critical for the performance of the centrifuge unit. 
For this kind of waste management, also referred as solids washing, as part of the environmental protection process.