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2set TBM Slurry System to Singapore
2017-11-14 13:45:38

Recently 2sets of TBM slurry separation system are almost ready for shipping, both to Singapore. With lots of same design, it also have been specially designed for the different companies. 

Mud recycling equipment is mainly used to recycle the drilling fluids and remove the cuttings. Shale shaker, de-sander and de-silter could respectively separate the coarse solids, sand and silt. For fine solids, the decanter centrifuge would be needed. 
While limited to the site operating size, the system normally are requried to have as compact design as possible. So did these two, whlie they layout in different way, one is placed into a 20ft space and piled up. The other was placed on some other tanks. 
Dewatering centrifugepackage includes 2 parts: chemical dosing system and big bowl decanter centrifuge unit. The units ready for shipping to Singapore is designed containerized with both the centrifuge and dosing unit are put into the 20 feed container for easy transportation and jobsite safety purpose. 

To improve the performance, normally the whole system including dosing unit also. 
GN’sdosing system is consisting of powder feeding hopper, powder transferring screw, mixing tank and discharge pump. The screw is PLC for accurate metering of the powder. Mixing tank is divided into 3 departments for flocculation powder mixing, curing and storing. The mixing procedure is also PLC for automatic convenience. Before the drilling fluids fed into the decanter centrifuge, the flocculation agent is firstly mixed into the fluids to gather the ultrafine solids. Thus the decanter centrifuge would remove the floccule from the drilling fluids.