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2 more sets Drill Cuttings Management System to Russia
2017-11-26 21:04:44

So far, GN has ever sent more than 10 sets drill cuttings managment system to Russia. In the process of fabrication this kind of containerized cuttings drying system, GN accumulated lot of experience in equipment layout inside and what equipment will be needed to make the system works well.


This week GN just finish 2 sets containerized drill cuttings management systems for Russia client. Containerized design is especially for application in the low temperature area. Operators could work inside the container without bearing for the cold weather. Equipment could also be protected in warm place.

Cuttings dryer is the key equipment, and it is installed at one end of the container. At this part, the container is designed with open top cover. A hopper is connected with the feeding port of the cutting dryer for collecting the drilling cuttings. Beside the dryer unit, a cantilever crane is installed there for repairing purpose when lifting the upper part of the dryer.

Effluence discharged from the cutting dryer gravity flows into the collecting tank in the middle part of the container. On the tank, a mud agitator is installed for blending the fluids to prevent the solids from settling to the tank bottom.


A screw pump for feeding to decanter centrifuge is also installed inside the container for easy connecting with the collection tank. This tank is used to transfer the recovered drilling fluids from collection to tank to out connected decanter centrifuge for polishing. After treated by the decanter centrifuge, the drilling fluids could be reused.

The system also have sepecially design as a user friendly unit, for operators’ convenience, the container is also equipped with washing platform with clean water pipeline connecting port and cabinet for tools and small wear parts storage.

Now these 2 set containerized drilling cuttings treatment system are under the final assembling procedure, after that, all the equipment would be tested for trial running. No matter what kind of difficulty is, GN offer the solution precisely as you expected.