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Painting and Coating, GN Updated the New WorkShop
2017-12-03 22:48:54
To make some sexy products, GN have paid lots of attention on the painting for many years. Not only for better looking, the good paint / coat make much more sense. For corrosion resistent, longer life time, better protection for the equipment, etc., means much more than a sexy looking. To achieve all this, you will need sand blasting before paint, then 3 times painting according certain procedure, a have an automatical coating system to finish all this automatically.
After moved to the new shop, GN had purchased a lot of new equipment for higher efficiency manufacturing, one of them is the automatical powder coating, which will help GN have standarized automatical coating process for at least all of the standarized products.
For the customized parts, mud tanks, pipeline etc, then will put into the painting shop. This new modernized painting shop can do
1. painting
2. heating
3. both, which is the most important part, are environmental friendly
Most of the manufacturer, do not actually have the sand blasting machine, even when they are supplying the equipment with this process, as GN have put the paint in a very important position, we are using our own machine to effectively lower down the cost, whilst control the qulity under API Q1.
By the way, the whole system is open for other manufacturers.