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Vacuum Pump for Various Rough Application
2017-12-12 07:57:59
With attempting penetrate into the waste management market, one of the first challanges we face is cuttings transportation, if with normal pump, then the solids content is way too high, with screw conveyor, space  will eventually a problem, as it draw long lines balancing the angle and height. Some client suggest us to try hose pump, vacuum pump. After the trial on site, the hose pump is working, well vacuum pump seems a more elegent option.
Now GN vacuum pump finally comes, finally. 
The maximum solids content is up to 80%. This pump is a full air operation pump. Connected with an air compressor, it can achieve 25 feet HG vacuum degree. It has a long distance suction and discharge capacity with respectively 50 meters and 1000 meters. The air operation principle ensures it can be applied in hazardous area up to zone one. It is genuine high safety classification equipment. Besides the drilling cuttings and oily sludge transferring, this vacuum pump could also be used in waste pit cleaning; barge holding and vessel bottom clean out, and even dry coarse material transferring.
So far, GN is supplying a complete line for solids control equipment and almost all the key equipment for waste management. The vacuum pump will be the bridge of solids control system and waste management system. 
Freely ask for info. from GN sales team, below video will be also a good reference, we are testing with different type of feeding.