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Automatic Drill Cutting Solidification Unit for CNPC
2018-01-15 08:39:00
Cooperating with the client, GN upgraded the old solidification unit, now it has been updated again. Quite a few highlights of this new customized solidification unit.
1. Electronic Dump Valve
It is a big dump, and with cement, solids, chemicals inside, need make sure it is fully blended before dump out. While manual valves is not so convinient, so this time we make it flexible, can be controlled in the control panel, and also manually.
2. Customized Feeding
This time with a belt conveyor, more flexible to transfer various waste, easily transport upto the top, then send to the blender.
3. Water Jetting
To clean, and help mixing of cement, a water jetting line specially designed on the mixer vessel. 
4. Hydraulic Lifting Platform
So it is not always cheap labour, lifting all the bags up. Now we push the button.
GN designed and finished the fabrication of this customized solidification unit for CNPC. This unit includes below several parts:
1. Cuttings collection part --- cuttings collection part is consisting of a hopper and screw conveyor. The hopper is used to collect the drilling waste cuttings discharged from solids control equipment and waste management equipment, and then the cuttings transferred by the screw conveyor under the hopper to the mixing vessel. 
2. Chemical storage part --- the chemical storage part has 2 separate storage tanks. One of them is used to store the curing agent; the other tank is for desiccant. Both of the tanks are equipped with screw conveyors for transferring the chemicals to the mixing vessel. Chemical bags can be put on top of the both tank for easy feeding into the tank.
3. Mixing vessel --- Drilling cuttings and chemical are transferred to the mixing vessel at the same time and the mixed together. Hazardous materials like heavy metal ion, toxic organic compounds could be encapsulated in the insoluble blocks. Then the drilling cuttings could be discharged for land fill on site or transferred to other place for making construction material.
All the 3 conveyors in the solidification unit are PLC design automatically controls, and the feeding rate could be adjusted via the panel as per pre-set ratio. Mixing vessel discharge port also automatically opens and closes as per mixing condition. GN also equipped the hydraulic lift platform and belt conveyor for chemical bags lifting and cuttings discharging. 
Freely to contact with GN if any good thoughs, any requirement.