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350gpm Mud Recycling Unit ready for shipment to UAE
2018-01-30 07:44:38

With years of experience of making compact mud recycling system that used in no-dig drilling project. GN has standard model of compact mud system for option, for clients’ special requirements. Now one set 350GPM mud recycling system for a UAE client. 

The 350GPM mud recycling system in this order is GN standard self-contained unit with mud recycling, storage and mixing function. The equipment configuration is as below:

  1. Shaker and mud cleaner composition unit- this unit is the main mud recycling equipment. The shaker equipped in this unit is a double deck model, the under layer is used as the first stage mud recycling equipment for coarse solids separation. GN composite frame shaker screen could effectively remove the solid particles; this process could reduce the load for the cyclone unit. The drilling mud passing through the under layer screen will immediately transferred by a centrifugal pump unit to the 4 inch cyclone for fine solids separation. The drilling mud after treated by the cyclone, solids with size larger than around 20 microns would be removed. Discharged slurry will be further dried by the upper layer screen for more fluids recovery.

  2. A mud tank will be used as the mounting support of the shaker unit, the feeding pump of cyclone and the mixing pump would be mounted on the tank skid as well. On top of the tank, a mud hopper will be installed as the mud chemicals adding port. The mud tank is divided into two parts respectively for sand trap, storage and mixing. 


This 350GPM mud recycling system could be packed in one 40 feed container for sea transportation. GN is full of experience in designing and manufacturing the compact mud recycling system. Besides the self-contained model, GN also has economic desanding unit that is widely used in piling project.

For more information, please feel free to contact with GN