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The 400bbl Mud System to Australia Drilling Company
2018-02-20 22:42:20


Exported to over 70 countries over the world, Australia is one of the best market for GN, with more than 30 mud systems in the Aussie land. This market have been known as the most strict standard market, similar to the international standards, but also much more higher requirement on the HSE requirement. 

This 400 BBL mud system is for a small rig. Client was worrying about the height of the mud tank will be higher than the drilling mud return pipe of the rig. Actually, GN’s design team has lot of experience in design the mud system, this problem will be considered as one the key factors when make the design. After confirming the height, the proposal provided by GN has a full consideration on let the used drilling mud flow to the tank and ever get into the shale shaker unit easily. 

In cooperation with Australian client, the best part most of the engineers, or purchasers are sharing lots of commen sense, about rules, about the labour saving, safety etc.. 
This 400 BBL mud tank system is consisting of 3 parts. Mud recycling tank, mud storage tank and a separate mud mixing unit skid. In consideration of the sufficient tank net volume and height limitation, GN designed the tank with large width which can only be shipped by bulk ship. A separatemixing hopper skid is also for the purpose of making the tank larger net volume capacity. 
Waste management is also a big concern for the oil drilling works, though the chemical have been specially chosen, using environmentatlly friendly chemical, still have to consider, where and how to dump the waste in an easier way, without digging holes, no pits. 
Freely to contact GN for any requirment, also welcome the experts/ consultants in touch with us for more proper design for certain projects.