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Containerized Drilling Cuttings Treatment System to Russia
2018-03-12 16:15:12

With shale shakers also in the order, recently we ship another set drilling waste mangement system to Russia.


As we all knows the low temperature weather there, we have designed the containerized system. 

In GN’s design, the dryer unit is installed inside one container with feeding pump and screw conveyor for collecting the dried cuttings discharged from the dryer.


Effluent separated out of the cutting dryer will flow into the collecting tank that also installed inside the container. A mud agitator is installed on the tank for mixing the fluids to prevent the solids settlement. The container is also equipped with washing platform with clean water pipeline for operators’ convenience. 
After the cuttings dryer, the solids can be dumped if allowed, or goes to further treatment, but depends on the region. Decanter centrifuge unit would be connected with the cuttings treatment system, the liquid in the collecting tank would be pumped to the decanter centrifuge for polishing, so that the drilling fluids could be recovered and reused. 
After years of upgrading, now GNLW363CG could run at 3200RPM or variable speed for various applications. The 3200rpm unit is widely used for ultra fine solids separation. It is also used in dewatering unit system. 
Baker Hughes have used GN waste mangement system in Siberia, with tempreture about minus 20 degree. And the drilling cuttings discharged from the dryer with oil on the cuttings from 3-5%.