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One of the Highlights in CIPPE, GN Oil Sludge Treatment Testing Module
2018-04-01 21:09:23
Normally before the exhibition, all the exhibitiors, the exhibition holder, and visitors will ask a question, why should we attend? Then we found when the market change, either goes better, or going worse, exhibitors and visitors changes also. 
Well as an exhibitor, GN Solids Control, always wanna find a good reason to visit us, if you are in oil gas drilling business, when all the government push hard on environmental protection, you must find a way to treat the waste properly.
This year, GN showed the new developed compact skid mounted oily sludge treatment system at the show. This skid system actually is a compact three phase separation system for oil, water and solids. The processing procedure of the system includes premixing, 2-phase separation and 3-phase separation.
In premixing procedure, the oily sludge coming from the sludge pit is poured into the premixing tank. At the same time, the chemical of demulsification is added into the tank. The chemical dosing system is also one of GN main products that mainly used in dewatering system. Electrical heating line that equipped on the tank can heat the tank up to 70 to 80 Degree Celsius for better demulsification performance.
In 2-phase separation procedure, there are 2 main equipment, shale shaker and decanter centrifuge. The sludge in premixing tank would be transferred by a pipeline pump to a shaker unit for coarse solids separation. And then the liquid with fine solids will be pumped to the decanter centrifuge for fine solids separation. Large content of fine solids can be removed in this process, the liquid mixture is consisting of water, oil and little amount of solids will be collected in a buffering tank waiting for final 3-phase separation.
A disc centrifuge is the key equipment in 3-phase separation procedure. In this procedure, the oil remaining in the slurry would be recovered. This economic benefit of this system is to recover as much oil as possible in the sludge, for final discharged environment friendly liquid and solids, further treatment would be needed. 
This system attact a lot of people, potential clients, competitors, and curious people; well that is what we need, to improve, to change the world.