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3 Sets 600 GPM Mud Recycling System for Asian Trenchless project
2018-05-01 18:10:34

After years of development, GN have modularized lots of standard mud system for HDD projects, whilst we open for customizations, to meet with different requirement, eg., if the mud system upto 600gpm, then it will be easier to make sure got enough time to handle the fluid comes back from the hole / pit. 

Also though standard process is shaker, desander, desilter, then decanter, it is still ok to only use a few step of this, not all of them. Integrated stairs, fold up stairs, all helping people on site to operate this easier. 
The advantage of GN Trenchless Drilling Mud System: 
Robust design shale shaker with High G force for higher capacity and better separation. 
Composite frame shale shaker screen for bigger non-blanked area and longer screen life. 
Polyurethane type hydro cyclone cones with abrasion resistant for longer operation life. 

Mechanical seal centrifugal pump with spare parts interchangeable with industry popular pumps. 
Self-contained mud system for mud recycling and mud mixing and supercharge pump to feed the drilling mud pump. 
Slope design mud tank for easy mud tank cleaning work. 
Walkways are foldable for fast rig down and rig up. 
IP65 protection degree Aluminium alloy electrical control panel with famous brand electrical components. 
Repeated orders from regular clients take big portion of our turnout, also GN take more care of all these systems under operation, to speak out louder. If you have used GN system before, pls let us know your comments, more and more regular customers coming back to us, with good suggestions, which helps us to improve our products. We always knowing the details, the small changes are moving oursleves forward.